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Laboratory services comes with a greater responsibility as these investigations are a supporting arsenal to the treating Doctors who can narrow down their differential diagnosis
Laboratory is further divided into:


Under pathology various blood samples are processed which is collected from an individual sample any alter in the biological physiology changes is reflected in the pathology like parameter of blood like Hemoglobin which is a fuel to the blood cells and provides oxygenation to the red blood cells for its functional. Various other parameters like WBC white blood cells total count which has a range to decide weather the individual has viral or bacterial origins of fever.
Blood grouping which is most essential portion to know an individual blood group to provide a blood transfusion. Apart from testing they also provide advance tissue sampling for diagnostic purpose of various type of advance disease like cancer


Here you process a individual sample under various parameters which provides the functional values of the organism from liver in LFT. Kidney function test RFT. Hba1c which gives a basic minimum of blood glucose levels. Serum amylase lipase provides the functional values about the pancreas


This is one of the methods where you process a individual blood samples in culture media to figure out the growth and provide the most sensitive antibiotic which mite be able to treat a individual off a particular disease.
Microbiology also provides urine and stool sample culture sensitivity antibiotics and other details which helps a physicila take a treatment course of an individual Above mentioned are some of the hero’s who are in the small or big to central labs providing supporting documentation to the treating physician who can narrow down the differential diagnostic range during the treatment of patients on opd or ip case wise basis
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